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As we all know, the market for the internet of things in healthcare is growing rapidly, with applications ranging from remote monitoring or predicting the arrival of patients in PACU to medication adherence. One of the biggest advantages is Interoperability.

As per the reports submitted by the P&S Market Research, there will be a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 37.6% in the healthcare Internet of Things industry between the years 2015 and 2020.


Transition of Industry from Cure to Prevention


Today Healthcare is not just costly but also not feasible to be a curing measure. So we should not just but preventive but think and implement a simplified way of Healthcare.


Agriculture Industry has seen Green Revolution and understood its boon to the Industry. Now what we can do is reinvent this thought and build better Agricultural Systems and Procedures.

Building and Home Automation

From Fanatasy to ease. From Automation to Lifestyle humans are very delighted by ease of use and great lifestyle. We can build a Jarvis at your home or apartment.

Smart Cities

Lifestyle seeks the idea of smartness and automating repetative and tedious jobs. A Smart City needs to provide efficient Sewage, Water, Transportation and entertainment along with Security.

Automobile and Transportation

Transportation and Mobility along with Security has become the next need of human longings. The distance of Cities are reducing by communication but adding huge load on Transportation. Lets address this by IoT

Retail / Advertising / Marketing

Retail sector boomed since 2007 with increase in Purchasing power. Advertising and Marketing along with Retail Services can be automated by use of IoT Devices and Services.