Creative Design & Smart IOT

All our Industries are changing at a pace of never known speed and dynamism. We are making it to fit into a Standard for making this Transformation easy.

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We are building a great environment for IOT

We are always open for new Possibilities. We will be able to best serve to your needs as and when required. Lets connect and make it happen.

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Transition of Industry from Cure to Prevention


Today Healthcare is not just costly but also not feasible to be a curing measure. So we should not just but preventive but think and implement a simplified way of Healthcare.


Agriculture Industry has seen Green Revolution and understood its boon to the Industry. Now what we can do is reinvent this thought and build better Agricultural Systems and Procedures.

Building and Home Automation

From Fanatasy to ease. From Automation to Lifestyle humans are very delighted by ease of use and great lifestyle. We can build a Jarvis at your home or apartment.

Smart Cities

Lifestyle seeks the idea of smartness and automating repetative and tedious jobs. A Smart City needs to provide efficient Sewage, Water, Transportation and entertainment along with Security.

Automobile and Transportation

Transportation and Mobility along with Security has become the next need of human longings. The distance of Cities are reducing by communication but adding huge load on Transportation. Lets address this by IoT

Retail / Advertising / Marketing

Retail sector boomed since 2007 with increase in Purchasing power. Advertising and Marketing along with Retail Services can be automated by use of IoT Devices and Services.

About us

IoTHubs is company focusing on Internet of Things Services, Solutions and Products where we develop next generation IoT essential capability so as to accelerate innovation and sustanability in the future digital ecosystem.

Our Skills

Intel Galileo
Intel Edison
Raspberry Pi
Azure IOT
Beagle Board

Why Choose Us?


All our Industries are changing at a pace of never known speed and dynamism. We are making it to fit into a Standard for making this Transformation easy.


The modern digital wealth goes beyond the technology hence triggering a new wave of transformation design and provides significant transformations through our proficiency of digital advances, information insight, and business evolution. Our talented adviser help clients define and deliver victorious strategies by controlling the power of this digital economy, through collaboration.


Migration has always been essential for the survival of mankind. Now, the final frontier: Migration to cloud. We make this transition smooth by our expertise in the field of IoT and analytics. Which I term as Smart IOT.

Hours Work

Our Services

We have built our service with years of experience in multiple fields and strong understanding of Pain Points.


As an Emerging field we undersood the need of Advisory and Consulting Services. Best people in IOT are available for problem solving.

Remote Monitoring

We understand the need of the hour and our 24X7 team supports all the maintenance work remotely and also available for Engineer visit on Paid basis.

Managed Services

Sometimes it is not feasible to maintain a product yet it has to deliver. We provide best shared and Managed services for your ease and simplify your life.


There are multiple Platforms already available. But when it comes to execution, our all-time best Platform will suit all your needs.

Systems Integrator

We Integrate the system to the most efficient possibility.


We manufacture and build the best of all types of IoT Platform specific Interests. With best Environment Compatibility.

Our Team

With an Incredible Team of Young and Talented people focused on ease of IoT Implementation and Standardisation is here to provide maximum output with right design for the domain.

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Sachin Deshpande

Founder and Advisor

Sachin Deshpande has 19 years of Industry Experience in Business and IT Consulting. He has expertise in the Supply Chain Management. Lastly he was Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, Hyderabad, INDIA.

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Ashish Bedekar


Ashish R Bedekar is a creative, well-connected leader with expertise in Biz-Dev.,partner relationships in wearables/ IOT ,Mobile, Telco, IT/Tech, with India and APAC experience in mobile internet ,apps and VAS ( B2B, B2C), Location-based services (LBS),startups developer partner ecosystems & programs, and IT Supply-chain distribution. Conceptualizing to Go to market expertise. Start-up advisor, a mentor at an Indo-Canadian accelerator / incubator- Zonestartups India, currently advising start-ups ( /about/advisors)

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Dr. Shailesh Kasande

Innovation and Investor Relations Ecosystem Enabler

CEO - Investronaut Director - Vishwakarma Institute of Management Director - Corporate Relations @ Vishwakarma Institutes Professor in Business Strategy & Marketing, Head Research @ Vishwakarma Institute of Management Co convenor CII - Industry Institute Interface Panel Member CII - Western Region Council Ex Member - BoS - Production, Operations & Services Management, SP Pune University Ex Chairman, BoS - Production, Operations & Services Management, SP Pune University Member - BoS - Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning Member - BoS - Indsearch Pune, Indira Institute of Management, Pune PhD Guide - Pune University SPSS Trainer.

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Kedar Potdar

Technology Evangelist

Entrepreneur and Software Developer with over 4 years of experience in startups and consultancy. App developer with apps across all major platforms and thousands of cumulative downloads.